• AICA DESIGN AWARD 2022 Prize Winners | [Top row] First Prize kufu “Hako” Photograph by: Koji Fujii/TOREAL | [Bottom row, from left] Award for Excellence HARE DESIGN Inc. “Jingu-Mae 6-chome Plan (Tentative Name)” Photograph by: Katsuhiro Aoki/Katsuhiro Aoki Photography Office | Award for Excellence KAMAKURA STUDIO “HOUSE H - Midori to Tawamureru Ie -” Photograph by: Nacása & Partners Inc. | Award for Excellence Keisuke Maeda/UID “#keta” Photography by: Koji Fujii/TOREAL
Registration Period
Registration Period:Monday July 10, 2023 to Monday September 25, 2023

 ※The deadline has been postponed to September 25.


Aica Kogyo, under the theme of “We create new value through the fusion of Chemistry and Design.”,
has produced a broad lineup of products that fulfill both design and functionality.
This year, we are again hosting the AICA DESIGN AWARD with the aim to contribute to improving and expanding the culture of architecture.
We are accepting applications for creative works that utilize the products of Aica Kogyo and AICA-TECH Kenzai Co., Ltd.


Total amount 2,000,000 yen (including tax)

First Prize 1 500,000 yen
Award for Excellence 3 150,000 yen each
Select Work 4 100,000 yen each
Product Prize (CERARL CELLENT, CLIMATERIA, MELAMINE TILE) 3 50,000 yen each
Kitchen Coordination Prize 1 50,000 yen
Altyno Same Pattern Coordinate Prize 1 50,000 yen
+WONDER Prize 1 50,000 yen
MACE Prize 1 50,000 yen
Special Prize 10 30,000 yen each

Applicable Products

Product Prize

Works that are eligible for this prize are those that use “CERARL CELLENT”, “CLIMATERIA”, or “MELAMINE TILE”.

seventh-code Co., Ltd./VACANCES Inc. “HOTEL AOKA KAMIGOTO” Photograph by: Tomooki Kengaku

Kitchen Coordination Prize

Works that are eligible for this prize are those that use at least two of the following products: “CERARL (including CERARL CELLENT)”, “Fiore stone (as a countertop)”, or “melamine door”.

REIHOKU Inc. “REIDA” Photograph by: Kazunaga Tsuji/K-ATELIER

Altyno Same Pattern Coordinate Prize

Works that are eligible for this prize are those that use either high pressure laminate (HPL) or CERARL having the same pattern as “Altyno”.

Rui Horikawa/TAKARA SPACE DESIGN CORP. “ASUCA EYE CLINIC” Photograph by: Takayuki Konno/Photo Studio Monolith Limited


Works that are eligible for this prize are those that use “+WONDER (either high pressure laminate (HPL), CERARL, or film)”.

MACE Prize

Works that are eligible for this prize are those that use “MACE” of AICA-TECH Kenzai Co., Ltd.

TOFU inc. “Seminar house in Domaine Kurodasho” Photograph by: Keishiro Yamada/YFT, YAMADA FOTO TECHNIX


Head Judge/Junya Ishigami
(junya ishigami + associates)

Head Judge Junya Ishigami


After completing doctoral program in architecture at Tokyo University of the Arts and then working at Kazuyo Sejima Architecture Firm, established junya ishigami + associates in 2004.
Primary works include KAIT WORKSHOP and KAIT PLAZA at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, the Park Groot Vijversburg Visitor Center, Botanical Garden Art Biotop “Water Garden”, 2019 Serpentine Pavilion, House & Restaurant, etc.
Received multiple awards such as 2009 Japanese Architectural Society Award (Work), 2010 12th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibit Golden Lion Award, Mainichi Design Award, 2019 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Recommended Art Newcomer Award (Fine Arts Department), OBEL AWARD, etc.

Judge/Yasutaka Yoshimura

Judge Yasutaka Yoshimura

Born in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in 1972.
Graduated from Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University in 1995.
Completed master’s degree program from Waseda University in 1997.
Stationed at MVRDV (in the Netherlands) as a foreign dispatch artist in training of the Agency for Cultural Affairs from 1999 to 2001.
Completed doctoral program at Waseda University in 2002 without receiving a degree.
Since 2001, worked as a part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Science, Waseda University, Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and others.
In 2013, worked as specially appointed professor at Meiji University.
Since 2018, worked as professor at Waseda University.
Primary awards: AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation, AIJI Grand Prize
Primary works: “Behavior and Protocol” (published by LIXIL), “Chogoho Kenchiku Zukan” (SHOKOKUSHA)

Judge/Go Hasegawa
(Go Hasegawa and Associates)

Judge Go Hasegawa

Architect. Director of Go Hasegawa and Associates.
Born in 1977. Completed master’s degree program at Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School in 2002. After working at TAIRA NISHIZAWA ARCHITECTS, established Go Hasegawa and Associates in 2005. Completed doctoral degree program (Doctor of Engineering) at Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School in 2015.
Work history: Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Visiting Professor at Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Visiting Professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Visiting Professor at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Visiting Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD).
Primary awards include the Kajima Prize for SD Review 2005, Gold Prize in Residential Architecture Award 2007, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers, the 24th Shinkenchiku Prize, and AR Design Vanguard 2014.
Primary publications include: “Thinking, Making Architecture, Living” (LIXIL Publishing/2011), “Go Hasegawa Works” (TOTO Publishing/2012), “Go Hasegawa Conversations with European Architects” (joint authorship/LIXIL Publishing, 2015), “a+u 556 Go Hasegawa” (a+u /2017), “El Croquis 191: Go Hasegawa 2005-2017” (El Croquis/2017), etc.

Judge/Yuji Iwatsuka
(Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd., Director and Managing Executive Officer)


  • Start of Registration July 10, 2023

  • Registration Deadline September 25, 2023 (Monday)

  • Initial Examination Late September 2023
  • Final Examination Late October 2023
  • Publishing of Results December 2023



1 To register, select the “REGISTRATION” button and fill in the required items in the displayed form.
2 After submitting the “REGISTRATION”, you will receive a “Registration Complete” e-mail at the e-mail address that you provided.
3 Your registration is completed.


1 Select the “SUBMISSION” button to open the login form.
2 To log in, enter the ID that was issued to you by e-mail at your “REGISTRATION” as well as the password that you registered.
3 After filling in the required information, upload photos and submit.
4 After sending the “SUBMISSION”, you will receive a “Submission Complete” e-mail at the e-mail address that you provided.
5 Your submission is completed.



Designers or builders of the submitted work. However, if you are the builder, you must receive the approval of the designer before registering.
* Please contact us if you are a client or photographer who would like to register.

Applicable Works
  • Works that can be submitted are those that have been completed in Japan or overseas by September 25, 2023 and which use products of Aica Kogyo or AICA-TECH Kenzai
    - The target works include new construction, remodeling, or renovation of a shop, home, building, condominium, medical/welfare facility, public facility, etc.
    - Eligible works must use products of Aica Kogyo or AICA-TECH Kenzai for interior or exterior (panels, JOLYPATE, postform, MACE, etc.)
  • Only one work can be submitted per registration. If you would like to submit multiple works, please submit each one with a separate registration.
Publishing of Results

The examination results will be notified to prize winners and will also be published on the Aica Kogyo website and through architecture-related media sources.
We also plan to publish the examination results in the design collection “FIND” that is planned to be published in April 2024.

Design collection FIND 2023-2024

What You Need to Submit
  • Concept * Including reasons for using the products (1000 words or less)
  • Up to eight photos of the finished work (Please submit at least three photos of the entire finished work and at least one photo that proves that you used a product of either Aica Kogyo or AICA-TECH Kenzai.
  • Please submit image data (JPG) that has been modified to be less than 1 MB in size.
  • Photo captions (Indicating information such as where the materials are used and the names/model numbers of the products used)
  • One plan view (PDF) of the work

* In the case of renovation or remodeling, please submit plans and photos that show the before-and-after appearances.

Registration Precautions
  • Registrations are only accepted via the website.
  • Please note that we are unable to accept registrations using physical media such as printed out photos.
    To modify or delete information after performing your registration, access the contest website using the same method explained above.
    Also, please be aware that you will not be able to modify or delete the details of your registration after the registration deadline.
  • Following examinations, prize winners will be asked to submit the original photo data (photo data that has not been modified).
  • Please make sure to save original photo data at your side. Also, if necessary, you may be asked to submit drawings to supplement the details of your work. We would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.
  • The host shall retain any rights pertaining to the publishing of the prize-winning works in this contest.
  • Applicants must consent to the publication of their winning works in the catalogs or websites of the host.
  • Works that have passed the initial examination can be registered to the host's account on "TECTURE," a room design search service, if desired.
    Applicants who have passed the initial examination will be contacted.
    TECTURE Aica Kogyo account: https://www.tecture.jp/users/18/lists (Registration is optional)
  • Please also note that, in addition to prize-winning works, other registered works may be published in a catalog, advertisements, other printed media, website, etc. of the host or may be presented in showrooms or other locations of the host. In such a case, we will contact you in advance.
  • We cannot return any image data that you have submitted to us. If necessary, we ask that you duplicate the data in advance.
  • Prizes can only be granted to one representative of a work.
Basic approach to inquiries
  • We are unable to respond to any inquiries about the details of the contest or about the status of examinations.
  • For inquiries about the registration method, we will only be able to reply within the scope that is understood by the host. We will not be able to reply about problems that applicants are having, such as about issues related to hardware or software.

The copyrights of prize-winning works shall belong to the respective prize winners. However, prize winners shall provide the rights to the host, free of charge, when the host publishes the prize-winning works in magazines or other medias for the purpose of announcing the results, in accordance with the purpose of this awards.


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