Business Introduction

We are pouring all our efforts into harnessing our core expertise in resin technologies to diversify our product portfolio.

Five departments to achieve the AICA SOLUTION

  • Chemical Products

    AICA’s foundation could be traced to our numerous manufactured resin brands, which have application in industrial and wide-ranging fields.

    ●Exterior and interior finish materials
    ●floor coating materials ●adhesives
    ●construction and civil works repair and reinforcement materials

  • Building Panels

    A wealth of colors, patterns and surface finishes. Multi-functional and multi-material. We respond to all types of needs as a top manufacturer of melamine decorative panels.

    ●Melamine decorative panels
    ●decorative boards
    ●noncombustible decorative panels
    ●decorative film

  • Building Materials

    We develop functional, luxurious interior materials.
    AICA unique technology for creation of high-quality, luxury spaces.

    ●Interior doors 
    ●interior building materials

  • Functional Materials

    Daily life-supporting chemitronics (chemical x electronics) through ever-expanding AICA technology.

    ●Solar battery adhesives & sealants 
    ●automotive part adhesives and sealants 
    ●silicone materials ●organic particles
    ●electronic materials