Toilet Booth

Type High design type Functional type
Booth surface material Melamine decorative panel Melamine decorative panel Melamine decorative panel Noncombustible decorative panels Thick melamine decorative panel
Product Name

Edge painted Melamine Booth

(general specs) (safety specs)

Melamine Edge-Coated Melamine Booth

Melamine Postform Custom Booth

(with emergency release function)

Melamine Noncombustible Decorative Panel Booth

(safety specs)

Thick Melamine Booth

Features Perfect booth for spaces requiring minimal design Booth with curved melamine decorative panel on booth wood edges Relaxed booth suited for luxury restrooms Booth surface of noncombustible materials utilizing advanced melamine decorative panel properties Booth taking advantage of thick melamine properties for hard use durability
Panel Size Thickness 38mm 38mm 37mm 40mm 13mm
Width Door panels*1 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Other than the door panel 76~1,200mm 76~1,200mm 76~1,150mm 76~1,200mm 76~1,200mm
Height Door panels*1 2,100mm 2,100mm 2,100mm 2,100mm 1,800mm
Other than the door panel 3,000mm or less 2,700mm or less 2,700mm or less 2,700mm or less 2,400mm or less
Special Specs Noncombustible specs

Noncombustible Cerarl used for surface material. Noncombustible material is also able to use for core material to maximize safety.

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Safety specs

Booth with reduced suspension base gap to lessen the risk of fingers getting pinched.

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Emergency release specs

A spec allowing inward opening doors to open outward for emergencies.

× × ○ × ×
Special Specs Folding door specs

Space saving and user convenience added water closet .

○ ○ ○ ○ ×
Sliding door specs

Sliding door specs create wide opening for ease of use.

○ ○ ○ ○
Graphica specs

Create original designs using digitally-printed melamine decorative panels.

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Price Index *2 1.0 1.0 1.2~1.3 1.1~1.2
  1. *1 Please inquire separately about sizes outside of standard sizes.
  2. *2 Price rates based on Pure Core Booth (general specs).
  3. *3 Available only for booth surface materials. Graphica not used for wood edge melamine.
  4. *4 The case when noncombustible materials also used for core materials.
  5. *5 Metal parts for compact booth sliding door type is different from other types.

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