Electronic Materials

AICAAITRON are UV (Ultraviolet) curable coatings with various functionalities, consisting mainly of acrylic monomers and oligomers. They are widely used for hard coats of touch panels, cellular phones, and digital cameras.

  • UV curable coatings for optical film

    • We provide high transparency, high rigidity coated film optimized for use in touch panel displays.
    • The applications are not only ITO film but also anti-shatter film and primer coats for printing and vapor deposition.
    • Our main product categories are as follows.
    • 1)Anti-blocking (Protective film free)
    • 2)Anti-fingerprint
    • 3)Primer
    • 4)Anti-glare, etc.
  • UV curable coatings for molding film

    • Our coatings offer high-formable hard coats suitable for in-mold decorating.
    • In addition to standard hard coatings, the following product categories are also available.
    • 1)Soft feel
    • 2)Self-healing
    • 3)One-component coatings for post curing
  • UV curable coatings for spraying

    • Our coatings offer highly scratch-resistant surface with deep gloss. They are widely used for chassis of cellular phones and other electric appliances.
    • Our line-up covers environmentally-friendly coatings such as non-solvent coatings.
    • 1)Non-solvent coatings
    • 2)Vapor deposition primer
    • 3)Anti-glare, etc.
  • UV curable optically clear resin (OCR)

    • Our OCR are used for bonding cover panels and various types of modules such as LCDs, touch panels and OLED.
    • Visibility of displays is improved by filling air gap with our OCR.
    • Features of our products
    • 1)Instant hardening
    • 2)Rapid curing rate
    • 3)Low volume shrinkage
    • 4)Low elastic modulus
    • 5)Low dielectric constant
    • 6)Deep curingt

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