Organic particles

GANZPEARLSpherical polymer beads

GANZPEARL spherical fine-grained polymer beads are composed of polystyrene and polymethacrylic acid ester. Properties including low specific gravity, high transparency, good compatibility with and excellent dispersibility in matrix resins, make GANZPEARL beads useful in many diverse fields.
By modifying characteristics such as particle diameter, particle distribution, surface structure, degree of cross-linking, composition of copolymerization, particle formation, and functional moiety, a wide range of applications can be accommodated.
  • Cosmetics

    For the manufacture of cosmetics, we produce a highly refined grade that is low in impurities and residual monomer.
    When added to foundation, lotions etc, it improves feel and spreadability. We have various type of beads listed below.
    • 1)Readily water disperse type
    • 2)Submicron type
    • 3)Porous type
    • 4)Non-spherical type
    • 5)Soft type (acrylic, silicone, nylon)
  • Light diffusing agents

    <Resin blending type>GANZPEARL is used as a light diffusing agent for displays or lighting fixtures. The difference between the refractive index of the base resin and that of the beads determines the degree of diffusion. We can modify the following property.
    • 1) Refractive index control(1,410-1,590)
    • 2) Average particle size control(2~100μm)
    • 3) Particle size distribution control size distribution)
    • 4) Particle construction control (porous, core and shell multilayer construction )
    <Film coating type>Coating GANZPEARL to PET film provide high luminosity light diffusion film.
    Sophisticated cross-linking for advanced varnish dispersibility.GANZPERAL show good dispersibility in varnish because of its high resistance for organic solvent.
  • Additive for coarting

    <matte or patterned finish>Being truly spherical cross-linked acrylic beads, GANZPEARL can be added to coatings to produce a matte or patterned finish. Our GM series consists of cross-linked PMMA; the GB series consists of cross-linked PBMA. The GB type produces a matte finish that is especially soft to the touch.
  • Film additive agents

    <Anti-blocking agent for olefin film>GANZPEARL can be used as a polyolefin thermoplastic resin film, and as an anti-blocking agent for rubber sheeting. It is highly heat resistant and has excellent dispersibility in resin. We produce both a truly spherical type and a porous type.
  • Plosity agents

    This grade of bead is used to create porosity in grindstones. Being acrylic, it burns away completely at sufficiently high temperatures. Due to its low absorbability, cracking as a result of moisture penetration is prevented.

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