Solar Batteries, Lamps and Silicone Materials

As a comprehensive adhesive agent maker, we are maximizing our technological base to develop silicone adhesives and resin designs used as important materials in environmental,heat resistance and optics centered on solar battery, automotive, electronics and healthcare industries.
  • Automobiles and Engines

    Because silicone possesses wide operating temperature limits in thermal resistance and cold resistance along with advanced insulation properties, it is especially used in electronic controls.

    <Handled Items>
    • Silicone paste / grease
    • Silicone varnish
    • Electronic equipment (i.e. sensors, motors)
  • LED Silicone Materials

    Demand for our silicone for LED use is rising due to our advanced transparency maintenance of especially blue LED low wavelength, plus advanced heat and UV resistance features and long-term reliability

    <Handled Items>
    • Light emitting device silicone encapsulation
    • Silicone lens
    • Photo device silicone materials
  • Tire mold release agent

    Because silicone is more advanced than other mold lubricants for heat resistance and mold release without soiling molds and materials,it is frequently used in tires.

    <Handled Items>
    • Tire mold release agent (single release, multi release)
    • Bladder coating agent
    • Mold release agent (mold release)
  • Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

    Due to advanced performance in heat and cold resistance, weather resistance, electric insulation and yellowing resistance, protective film is widely utilized.

    <Handled Items>
    • Adhesive agents for outermost layer for film in all types of displays
    • Print film adhesive agents used on glass and plastic surfaces
    • Manufacturing process protective film adhesive agent
  • Thermal management

    Demand for silicone resin is rising due to its thermal conductivity, operability, and high reliability as heat generation volume increasingly accompanies miniaturization and the high frequency waves of electronic components.

    <Handled Items>
    • High thermal conductivity silicone resin
  • For Solar Batteries

    • Advanced adhesion, waterproof and durability contributes to long module life.
    • We carry high grade products such as butyl rubber (frames and edges) and silicone (for junction boxes) to agree with customer’s various needs for improvement measures.
    <Handled Items>
    • Glass and aluminum frame sealant
    • Edge sealant for Double glass module
    • Junction box adhesive agent
    • Aluminum paste
    • Ingot adhesive agent
    • Junction box potting agent
    • Support bar adhesive agent for Double grass module
  • Hot Melt for Automotive Parts

    • In addition to AICA Melt’s long-time track record as a sealant material used in both domestic and foreign automotive headlamps, it also has a strong performance record in water resistance for motor drive parts.
    • Block type can reduce running cost over than conventional can type.
    <Handled Items>
    • Waterproof Hot Melt sealant for automotive parts (i.e. for lamps, motors and Waterproof (film)
  • For Solar Batteries

    Long-lasting makeup due to water and oil resistance properties while retaining a light feel without stickiness through oxygen permeability traits have led to our products’ use in a wide variety of cosmetic items.

    <Handled Items>
    • Various silicone oils
    • Silicone gel
    • Silicone resin

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