Organic particles

STAPHYROID MulitilayerConstruction polymer beads

”Staphyloid” are multilayer construction polymer beads synthesized core-shell emulsion polymerization. These have the following features.
  • Modifier for powder coatings

    • Suitable as a resin modifying agent for various kinds of powder coatings. Disperses readily because the functional moiety of the shell is engineered to be highly compatible with matrix resins. Use of STAPHYLOID in powder coatings improves their impact-resistance and flexing characteristics. Consequently, the favorable characteristics (blocking etc.) of powder coatings can be augmented.
  • Impact Modifier

    • Improves the impact resistance and flexibility of thermoplastics due to its excellent interfacial adhesion and dispersibility in matrix resins. Some characteristic grades are shown below:
      • (1) Superior coloring pigment
      • (2) Superior low-temperature impact modifier
      • (3) Matting agent for moldable material
  • Low-profile Agent

    • When used as a low-profile agent of unsaturated polyester, STAPHYLOID improves moldadility by reducing binding during the molding process.
    • With both excellent transparency and coloring properties (produces uniform color distribution) it gives molded material a smooth, flat surface.

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