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An abundant lineup from basic to trendy design.
Compatible for heights of 2,600mm,2,500mm,2,400mm, 2,300mm,2,000mm.*1

Ceiling height fittings|General fittings
  • Ceiling heigh fittings melamine typeSky Height SMerafusion plain type

  • Ceiling High fittings marless typeSky Height SMarless type

  • General fittings melamine typeMelafusion

  • General fittings marless typeMarless II
    Class S

  • General fittings marless typeMarless II
    (Same pattern frame as door surface material)

  • Surface Material Characteristics

    Melamine type (Melafusion Plain)

    Always strong, always beautiful. Melamine decorative panels that will have you rethinking life cycle costs. Melamine decorative panels are high performers in heat, water and abrasion resistance, and can amply stand up to hard use in kitchens and other areas with water use. Dirt and grime wipes off easily to maintain an everlasting beauty. *Mirrored surface melamine type can incur small scratches so please avoid hard use.

    Melamine decorative panels’ advanced surface properties:
    1. Scratch resistant!
    2. Dirt resistant!*1
    3. Easy maintenance!

    *1 Depending on the chemical type used, some dirt may be harder to clean. *In-house comparisons

    • *“Celsus” is a next-generation melamine decorative panel of high design quality and functionality such as maintaining high durability and preventing fingerprint visibility.
      * Please refer to details regarding“Celsus.
      *“Fingerprintless” refers to less visibility of fingerprints compared with previous AICA products. “Celsus” and “Fingerprintless” are registered trademarks of AICA Kogyo Co.

  • Marless type (Marless II Class S & Marless II)

    The “plus alpha” capability of Marless type (Marless II Class S & Marless II) marless boards boost peace of mind in your daily life!
    An interior fitting equipped with “plus alpha” peace of mind and advanced cost performance. “Plus alpha” capability contributes to asset preservation and reduction in LCC (life cycle costs) . Great not only for renovations, but also for sustaining asset value and reducing maintenance costs that accompany rental unit transfers of tenants.

    • Don’t worry about scratches!

      Hardly a scratch even if scrubbed with metal.

        • Marless boards

          tough against peeling

        • Fortified print plywood

          does peel off.

    • Don’t worry about dirt!

      Easily wipe away even oil-based pen.

      *Internal test results. Not guaranteed values.

    * The above results come from in-house tests, and are not guaranteed.
    * Built in material surfaces such as door frames are olefin sheeting. Please be aware they do not meet Marless specs (specially reinforced coat layer) .
    * Some dirt inside the embossed portion of the surface sheet may remain. Please avoid using thinner or detergent.

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