Melamine Flooring Shock Absorbing Melamine Floor Melafloor SafetyPatent pending

AICA’s originally conceived flooring that combines both “hard” and “soft” functions. The flooring stands up to hard use such as wheelchairs but is also soft enough to absorb the shock of impact such as someone falling down.
  • Laying a “soft and safe” underlay beneath a “hard and durable” melafloor gives rise to a flooring that is simple to take care of and people-friendly.

    Melafloor safety construction
    * Melafloor Safety will not provide complete protection against injury.

  • Melafloor Safety Features
    • Melamine resin layer’s advanced surface properties and shock resistant HDF are combined to make a strong floor that resists dirt and scratches.

    • Melamin’s resin layer’s advanced heat resistance. Flooring that for example resists burn scars should a cigarette be dropped on it.

    • Seamless and resistant to dust buildup. Special surface processing renders waxing unnecessary.

  • Shock absorbing function comparison Shock intensity displayed as “G”. The lower the value, the higher the safety.
    * Values come from in-house pre-shipping measurement. These are observed and not guaranteed values. *1: The “long sheet” is vinyl long sheet.
  • Color Variation (Melafloor)
    • XJ 6501(White Beech)
    • XJ 6064(Maple)
    • XJ 6701(Sanded Walnut)
    • XJ 6703(Villa Walnut)
    • XJ 8506(Cherry)
    • XJ 6728(Irish Oak)
    • XJ 7001(Dark Walnut)
    • XJ 6726(Blue)
    • XJ 8060(Cement)
  • Form Diagram (Melafloor)
    Form Diagram (Melafloor)
    Item No. XJ 7001  XJ 8060  XJ 6728  XJ 6726  XJ 6501
    XJ 6703  XJ 6701  XJ 8506  XJ 6064
    Size t8xW190xl1,290mm / sheet
    Surface finish Melamine resin laminate layer + overlay body processing
    Base material HDF (High-density textile panel
    Package volume 1 case: 8 sheets / 1.96m2 (8 Yatoi tongue-and-grooves included)
  • Form diagram (underlay)
    Fitting diagram (partial)
    Form diagram (underlay) Plane surface from
    Item No. One case 25 sheets/50m2
    Size WWM 904
    Material dimensions t6xW1,000xL2,000mm / sheet
    Surface finish Melamine resin laminate layer + overlay body processing
    Package volume Specialty resin foam

    Melafloor Safety combines Melafloor and underlay.

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