Shock absorbing flooring
High performance sheet floor (direct laying type)
Tafuyuka Safety

  • color variation
    • LLE-119 MS (Silent Maple)
    • LLE-119 WE(European Walnut)
    • LLE-119 CA(American Cherry)
    Caution: Partial differences occur with “Tafuyuka H” color variation. (WE color, CA color only available for Tafuyuka Safety)

  • Flooring with shock absorbing
    performance akin to tatami mats.
    * Shock absorbing floors do not completely guard against injury.
    Floor material absorbs shock of even a fall
  • Advanced scratch resistance and durability
    • Roller scratch resistant
    • Wheelchair scratch resistant
    • Oil and dirt resistant
    • Abrasion and friction resistant
    • Appropriate firmness for comfortable walking
    • Gentle and comfortable for lying on the floor
  • Thorough bedside results for excellent trust!

    We installed floor finish material on a concrete slab and dropped a flowerpot from the a specified height to compare shock absorbency. Cushion floors cracked, but Tafuyuka Safety did not, clearly demonstrating the shock absorbing quality of Tafuyuka Safety.

    • Tafuyuka Safety demonstrats Shock absorbing performance akin to tatami mats.(Refer to graph below) The flooring is gentle enough for children and the elderly yet absorbs shock in the event of a fall.

    • Performance Standard Test
    • Impact intensity comparison by type of floor finish
    • Plane surface form
    • Cross section form
    Size t19.8xW290x L900 / sheet (t9mm) including specialized shock absorbing material
    Surface finish 0.6mm EB firm film
    Base material Plywood, specialized shock absorbing material (t9mm)
    Package volume 6 sheets *1.57 m2 / package (cardboard case)

    This product is made for direct installation. Please makes rue to use adhesive exclusively for this product when installing to prevent faulty floor installation or adhesion.

    JW-280PRO1 liquid direct install, low odor; urethane resin) 10kg/can 2-can case
    Standard coating surface:
    17-18 m2/can

    • Contact with skin or inhalation of vapor can cause skin damage. Please carefully read the use instructions in the “handling directions”.
    • If during installation, the adhesive agent spills on the floor surface, wipe away immediately as it will be difficult to remove once it hardens.

For more information about Tafuyuka Safety
(available only in Japanese)