Resin Film Decorative Aluminum Louvers
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism noncombustible certification NM-3626
Altyno Louvers

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We wrapped aluminum louvers with Altyno film.
Wood grain patterns of 3 forms and 7 wood grain patterns is available as decorative material with enormous design potential.

Photograph is a sample image.
Musashino University Building No. 1 Design office: Matsui Construction Tokyo Branch first-class architecture office, Construction City Design Research Lab first-class architects

  • Recommended Use
    • Entrance walls
    • Interior walls
  • Available patterns *For other pattern possibilities, please contact to your nearest AICA supplier.
    • 2050
    • 2070
    • 2052
    • 2053
    • 2041
    • 2055
    • 2054
  • spec & design cost
    Shape Item No. Lot Design Price
    VL-xxxxA0305 30~49m JPY 10,000 / m (excluding tax)
    50~199m JPY 8,700 / m (excluding tax)
    200m~ JPY 5,900 / m (excluding tax)
    VL-xxxxA0310 30~49m JPY 12,900 / m (excluding tax)
    50~199m JPY 11,600 / m (excluding tax)
    200m~ JPY 8,100 / m (excluding tax)
    VL-xxxxA0510 30~49m JPY 14,400 / m (excluding tax)
    50~199m JPY 13,100 / m (excluding tax)
    200m~ JPY 9,200 / m (excluding tax)
    * Sizes and shapes come in 2000 to 4000 (100mm unit) lengths. * Design numbers goes in xxxx.
    Base materials and attachment materials
    Lot For Form A0305 For Form A0310 For Form A0510
    Base materials *1 Base material price:JPY 11,200 / 4m rod (excluding tax) Base material price:
    JPY JPY13,000 / 4m rod (excluding tax)
    Attachments *2 Attachment price: JPY700 / unit (excluding tax) Attachment price: JPY1,000 / unit (excluding tax)
    Underside decorative
    materials *3
    30~49m JPY5,800/m(excluding tax) JPY6,500/m(excluding tax)
    50~199m JPY4,800/m(excluding tax) JPY5,500/m(excluding tax)
    200m~ JPY2,900/m(excluding tax) JPY3,400/m(excluding tax)
  • Caution
    • When receiving items, please check if any damages or scratches occurred to the product during shipping. Please be aware that we bear no responsibility for any damages afterwards.
    • Before installation, please carefully read the installation manual to ensure proper installation.
    • When installing, please observe all pertinent laws and regulations such as the Building Standards Act and fire prevention ordinances.
    • Do not install to the foundation which has moisture and humidity or has the possibility of moisture and humidity.
    • This product is material exclusively for interior decorating use. Do not install in places of high moisture such as bathrooms or outdoors such as awnings.
    • Do not attach or hang other objects over this product. The louver does not have the strength to sustain weight other than itself.
    • Do not insert hands between the louver slats for fear of cutting on a slat edge. The edges and cut ends of this product are sharp. Burr formation may also occur so handle with sufficient care. Please wear work gloves or other protective wear to avoid injury.
    • Please store the product in a place where there is no moisture or risk of damage. Placing objects on top of the product or applying weight such as leaning on the product can cause damage or scratches.
    • During installation, please pay sufficient attention to ensuring ample space to handle the materials. This product in particular has long dimensions, so please be careful.
  • Maintenance
    • To remove surface dirt, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a neutral detergent, before rinsing with water. Then make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe away moisture. Use of a nylon scrub brush, steel wool or abrasive detergent can lead to scratches so do not use them.
  • Storage and Handling
    • Avoid storing directly on the ground or concrete floors, but store flat on palettes. (Make sure to stack flatly to prevent warping).
    • Do not place objects or step on the top of the stack.
    • Do not store near rainwater or places exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or extremely low or high temperatures.
    • Please do not store in an upright position as it may lead to the product cracking or warping.

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