Anti-abrasion Noncombustible Decorative Panel Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism noncombustible certification NM-2439, NM-3498
*Includes NM3498
AICA Marless Noncombustible

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Dirt and scratch resistant with high cost performance in hard use environments.

Otomo Keiaien Special Home for Seniors Design Office: Iwamida Sekkei
Construction: Today Shintaiheiya Specified Joint Corporation Photography: Masahide Sato

  • Recommended Use
    • Entrance walls
    • Interior walls
    • Passenger walls
    • Hallway walls
    • Construction
  • Construction
  • Edge Specifications

    Longer direction:

    * 1.5R wrap type is available as special order. For details, please contact to your nearest AICA supplier.

    Shorter direction: Cut away type

  • Example of edge fitting

    • Attachment joint fitting
    • * The surface sheet has the risk to peel off when certain object or hand touch to the cut edge of the AICA Marless Noncombustible panel. Make sure to protect the joint or cut edge with joiners. Please make sure to secure shorter direction too with joiners when certain objects or hands will touch.
  • spec & design cost
    Order production item (Available for 66 patterns)
    Item No. Size Thickness Weight/panel Design cost Pkg. vol. Standard lead time
    PK-□□□□C 3×6 6mm 8.0kg JPY8,000/panel
    (excluding tax)
    from 30sheets 2 weeks from order
    3×8 10.7kg JPY10, 500/panel
    (excluding tax)
    3×9 12.0kg JPY12,000/panel
    (excluding tax)
    Standard ex-stock items (13 items marked “Standard”)
    Item No. Size Thickness Weight/panel Design cost Pkg. vol. Standard lead time
    PK-□□□□CK 3×8 6mm 10.7kg JPY10, 500/panel
    (excluding tax)
    2 sheets (up to 28 sheets) standard stock item *2
    PKK □□□□C
    (cardboard box package)*3
    3×8 10.7kg JPY12,800/panel
    (excluding tax)
    2 sheets (up to 28 sheets) standard stock item
    3×9 8.0kg JPY9,600/panel
    (excluding tax)

    When ordering ex-stock items, please change the head part number or sub number.
    Ex.) PK-421C → PK-421CK、PKK 421C(* Price differs from PK)
    The above dimensions are guaranteed dimensions, and product L dimensions are guaranteed till plus 20mm. For sizes other than the those above, please inquire separately.
    *1: Delivery times may take longer than prescribed above depending on order volume, sizes, time, etc. For details, please contact to your nearest AICA supplier.
    *2: Standard delivery is 2 weeks for 30 sheets or more, item number being PK-xxxxC.
    *3: PKK are cardboard box packaged items and can be shipped by route service.(domestic only)

  • Caution
    • Depending upon differences in manufacturing methods and construction, AICA Marless Noncombustibles may differ in color from AICA Marless Boards. Please confirm in advance using relatively large actual samples. When using the short edge portion that comes in contact with the hand, there is a possibility of surface sheet peeling, so please be careful. Please use joiners for the joint fitting.
  • Maintenance

    To remove surface dirt, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a neutral detergent, before rinsing with water. Then make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe away moisture. Use of a nylon scrub brush, steel wool or abrasive detergent can lead to scratches so do not use them.

  • Storage and Handling
    • Avoid storing directly on the ground or concrete floors, but store flat on palettes. (Please make sure to stack flat to prevent warping.)
    • Do not place objects or step on the top of the stack.
    • Do not store near rainwater or places exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or extremely low or high temperatures.
    • Do not stack upright as it can produce warping.

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