Veneer Painted Noncombustible Decorative Panels  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism noncombustible certification NM-1739
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Noncombustible Board

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A wide area will have a luxurious atmosphere and a uniformed finish.

Nagoya Medical Association’s Minato Ward Holiday Clinic Design: Chunichi Sekkei Co. Item No. PY-1536

  • Recommended Use
    • Entrance walls
    • Interior walls
    • Passageway walls
    • Hallway walls
  • Construction & Edge Specifications

  • spec & design cost
    Item No. Wood cut paint color * Design price
    PY-1521 H-5810 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1522 H-5810 JPY 18,800 / sheet (JPY8,600/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1524 H-5810 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1527 H-5157 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1535 H-5858 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1536 H-5858 JPY 18,800 / sheet (JPY8,600/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1537 H-5155 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1544 H-5155 JPY 19,800 / sheet (JPY9,000/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1547 H-5810 JPY 27,800 / sheet (JPY12,700/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1549 H-5157 JPY 20,800 / sheet (JPY9,500/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1550 H-5155 JPY 20,800 / sheet (JPY9,500/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1551 H-5808 JPY 20,800 / sheet (JPY9,500/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1552 H-5155 JPY 20,800 / sheet (JPY9,500/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1553 H-5155 JPY 20,800 / sheet (JPY9,500/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1554 H-5855 JPY 21,800 / sheet (JPY9,900/m2)
    (excluding tax)
    PY-1555 H-5157 JPY 21,800 / sheet (JPY9,900/m2)
    (excluding tax)

    Size: 3x8 (910 x 2,420mm) 1mm
    Thickness: 6mm
    Weight / sheet : 11.5 kg
    Package volume: 10 sheets
    Standard lead time Note1): 2 weeks.
    *Wood cut painting colors are expressed closely to melamine decorative panels.
    Note 1): Delivery lead time may takes longer than prescribed above depending on order volume, sizes, time of year, etc. For details, please contact to your nearest AICA supplier.

  • Handling Caution
    • Since natural materials are used, please make sure to confirm color tone before use.
    • Due to these being natural wood products, coloration may occur from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Beware of exposing products to direct sunlight.
    • Please avoid using the products near water as it may lead to surface degradation and discoloration.
    • Due to production by lots, additional orders might not be acceptable.
    • Please be aware that slight variations in color may occur between production lots.
    • Do not use toluene or thinner for cleaning.
    • Price differentials in design reflects price differences of surface veneer flitch tree. Because corners are weak, please handle with care.
    • Because the veneer used is manufactured overseas, delivery times may vary depending upon order volume. Please confirm advance with your nearest AICA supplier.
  • Maintenance
    • Do not use acidic or alkaline detergents as it may lead to discoloration.
  • Storage and Handling
    • Avoid storing directly on the ground or concrete floors, but store flat on palettes. (Please make sure to stack flat to prevent warping.)
    • Do not place objects or step on the top of the stack.
    • Do not store near rainwater or places exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or extremely low or high temperatures.
    • Do not stack upright as it can produce warping.

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