Architectural Films Altyno

A wide variety of materials matching with real texture to greatly expand design potential. Design management by Daiasama Golf Club renovations / Design supervision by Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. first-class architect office / Construction by Mitsui Designtec Co. / Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., LTd.

    Can be constructed using other materials and finishes.

    A flexible material that can be used for curved surfaces.

    A rotogravure-processed premium design resin film with a pressure resistant adhesive on the underside. Boasts excellent flexibility and so can be used with the types of curved surfaces where standard panels cannot.

  • Design Cost
    Altyno Film
    <Decorative Film with Pressure Resistant Adhesive>
    Category Item Code Size Thickness Design Cost Antibacterial/Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal
    Grace Wood Woodgrain VG- W 1220㎜XL 50m
    (Some products have a length of 30 to 45 m)
    Approx. 0.2mm
    (Excluding release paper)
    Metallic Wood VGM 8,400/m2
    Woodgrain VW- 6,200/m2
    Material Abstract VQ- 6,900/m2
    (Single Colored Leather)
    VN- 5,900/m2
    Metallic Metal VML/VMM/
    VQM 7,400/m2
    Plain Color Single Color VKK 4,300/m2
    Plain Color Gloss VKG 8,300/m2
    Plain Color Matte VKM 4,900/m2
    Plain Color Bathroom
    for bathrooms and kitchen facilities, etc.
    VBK 4,600/m2
    Woodgrain/Material/Metallic VBW/VBQ/VBM 6,300/m2

  • AICA "Total Coordination"

    We offer a range of materials for use with different functions, all available with the same patterns and finishes.<90/> This allows for the creation of elegant spaces in which the furniture, fixtures, walls, and peripheral materials can all be brought together in a consistent design aesthetic. Full coordination to a high level.

    CIAL Tsurumi, Design Office: JR East Design Corporation
    • Example of AICA Decorative Materials
    • Example of Shared Pattern Numbers

      Materials with the same pattern, finish, or color all share the same pattern number.
      This system makes it easy to select materials with the same finish.

      *Pattern numbers are the numerical parts in the product's item code.
      The letters and sub-numbers differ depending on the product.

    For applying to new or refinished walls,
    furnishings, and curved surfaces.


    For furnishings and booths requiring a high level of durability.


    For objects that are stood up vertically such as furnishings, doors, and partitions, etc.


    For walls requiring high non-combustible performance and durability

    FTN 426ZD

    For wall surfaces requiring high levels of durability and non-combustible materials.

    JWS 426W

For end piece surfaces such as those on furnishings, doors, and partitions, etc.