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About Our Privacy Policy

Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AICA”) recognizes the importance of personal information and will thoroughly protect it. This serves as a declaration that AICA will abide by the privacy policy outlined below and act in compliance with laws, regulations and other rules concerning personal information so that we can earn the trust of our customers.

Collection of Personal Information

AICA collects personal information belonging to customers within the scope required in providing a portion of content, questionnaires, email-based services and other such services to provide customers with better service.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

When managing the personal information of customers, AICA will appoint an individual in charge of the management of such information. In conjunction with the appropriate management of information, AICA will strive to prevent the external leakage of such information. AICA will also strive to protect the personal information of customers by implementing appropriate and reasonable countermeasures to ensure that personal information is safe from fraudulent external access, to prevent the loss, destruction or manipulation of personal information, and any other such actions taking place in relation to personal information. AICA will limit access to databases containing personal information and other containers of personal information to individuals in possession of access rights. AICA will also conduct the strict management thereof to ensure that the wrongful usage of personal information does not take place within the company. AICA may outsource the handling of personal information in order to provide customers with better service. In such cases, AICA will select either a company in its corporate group or a subcontractor (hereinafter referred to as an “Operational Contractor”) that is deemed to be handling personal information appropriately. AICA will ensure that Operational Contractors conduct the appropriate management of personal information and ensure that Operational Contractors set down the items necessary to ensure that no leakage of personal information or other such events pertaining to personal information occur, which is to be facilitated by rules being put in place such as those related to the management of personal information, confidentiality, and the prohibition of personal information being further provided to another party.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected by AICA may be used to achieve goals other than the collection thereof. It may be used to provide product information and notifications concerning information on events and so on. In cases where personal information is provided by customers, they may receive emails or other forms of contact containing information believed to be of interest to them from either AICA or an Operational Contractor. If customers do not wish to have this kind of information sent to them, we will stop the sending of such information once AICA or the Operational Contractor are provided with a request to that effect.

Provision of Personal Information

AICA will never disclose or provide the personal information of customers to third parties other than Operational Contractors without the consent of the customer to whom the information pertains. However, AICA may disclose or provide personal information without the consent of the customer to whom the information pertains in cases where the disclosure thereof is required in accordance with laws and regulations, or when a request to that effect has been made by a public institution such as a court of law or the police.

Disclosure, Corrections and Other Actions Relating to Personal Information

AICA will make corrections and perform the deletion of personal information in cases where a request has been provided to that effect by the customer to whom the personal information in question pertains.

About the Use of Cookies

This website may use information obtained via cookies*1 for the following purposes:

  1. To investigate the number of website users and website traffic
  2. To provide services and information which are tailored to individual customers based on website browsing history of the customer in question
  3. To prompt reentry (reauthentication) of passwords by customers when a certain period has passed since their last instance of usage in order to maintain security 
  4. To provide services and information which are tailored to individual customers in reference to the registered information of customers that is on file when the customer logs into an authentication service
  5. To conduct sales promotion activities for products and services of AICA that are relevant to the personal information that AICA has acquired on a separate occasion

Please note that cookie information may be stored and referenced via third parties based on subcontracting arrangements with third parties involving the consignment of advertisement distribution.

Cookies can be deleted or turned off by customers using the browser settings. Please note that you may be unable to receive some AICA services as a result.

  1. Cookies: Cookies are mechanisms which store information, which has been communicated between browsers and servers when using a website, such as usage history and information entered on websites, on the customer’s computer in the form of files.

Establishment and Maintenance of an Internal Framework

AICA will strive to protect personal information by establishing and maintaining internal regulations in relation thereto and with the sufficient understanding of the importance of protecting personal information based on this Privacy Policy.


For inquiries concerning the personal information of customers, please contact us ().