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The Virutect series provides both antiviral and antibacterial feature. With its added deodorization feature, we welcome Virutect PLUS to the series. The product lineup includes a wide range of surfaces such as counters, doors, and walls.


CERARL are stylish decorative panels that replicate the depth of a variety of different materials. CERARL delivers life-like marble and steel plate designs to create a profound space. CERARL can be used on walls for all kinds of applications from residential to non-residential.


CLIMATERIA is AICA’s brand of high-end design coating materials consisting of 6 products. With its unique presence that harmonizes traces of craftmanship with the sensation of the materials, CLIMATERIA has made further strides forward.


PASSIVE WALL is a high-quality wet external insulation system based on acrylic resin with excellent durability and design.

Smart Saniatry

Smart Sanitary is a washstand with a furnished feel. While retaining the advantages of our existing products such as their quality and wide range, Smart Sanitary delivers a craft-like appearance.


Altyno is an adhesive decorative film used for walls and fittings in offices and commercial facilities. As Altyno can be bent and pasted to suit the base material, Altyno can be used for a wide range of applications from new constructions to renovations.

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