Polymer beads

ZEFIAC are acrylic polymer beads for the paste processing.
The viscosity and the storage stability of the paste can be adjusted by selecting the grade of ZEFIAC and the disperse medium. In addition, the Pre-gelling character can be given to the matrix resin.

Product development by Use

Paste Processing

  • Paste (sol) can be adjusted by dispersing to various plasticizers.
  • Paste (sol) becomes a tough molded article by heating.
  • The viscosity of paste (sol) and the intensity of a molded article can be adjusted by selecting a plasticizer.
  • Due to acrylic, the color of molded article is unaffected by heat, and its weather resistance is excellent.

Pre-gelling material B-stage material (prepreg)

  • Pre-gelling character can be given to the thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester.
  • Pre-gelling can be carried out by heating at below the curing temperature of matrix resin.
  • Pre-gelling state is applicable to sheet of adhesive (Prepreg) and temporary adhesive.

Stress relaxation agent

  • They are fine particles of two-layer strucure consisted of core part (soft composition) and shell part (with swelling and dissolution). Therefore, stress relaxation character and pre-gelling character are given to matrix resin.
  • Adhesive strength of epoxy resin can be improved.
  • It can disperse easily to matrix resin and the viscosity stability after dispersion is also good.

Technical Information

ZEFIAC additive viscosity behavior resulting from temperature increases and conceptualization of the state of the product

  • Picture of Technical Information

Pregel effects Check for dripping on the vertical surface coating

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Mixture Liquid epoxy resin: ZEFIAC = 90:10
Cure conditions 100℃ x 10 minutes