Specially & Perfomance Materials

Hot melts

Based on our expertise as a manufacturer of general adhesives, we are working on the design of synthetic rubber-type hot melt resin to address needs for insulation, moisture resistance, water resistance, and airtightness in the solar cell and automotive industries.

For Solar Cells

Contributes to an increase in the service life of modules providing superior airtightness, water-resistance and durability.
We have a lineup of high-durability grade products, such as PIB rubber types and Butyl rubber type hot melt (frames and edges) products.

Handled Items

  • Sealing materials for glass and aluminum frames
  • Sealing materials for double-glass solar batteries and the edges and inner portions for flexible solar cells
  • Adhesives for ingots

For Automotive Parts

  • In addition to AICA Melt’s long-time track record as a sealant material used in both domestic and foreign automotive headlamps, it also has a strong performance record in water resistance for motor drive parts.
  • With respect to product packing, we have block type packaging, meaning that running costs can be reduced since more yield result than with can-type packaging.

Handled Items

  • Waterproof Hot Melt sealant for automotive parts (i.e. for lamps, motors and service halls)

Technical Documents