Water based resin

“CLOSSREN” is a water resin based compound such as synthetic rubber latex and acrylic emulsion with multiple functionality added
It has multiple applications for automotive interiors, clothing, interiors, paper processing and building materials, and we can provide it in made-to-order products.
We have in recent years responded to the demands of the times with a company wide effort to develop and bring to market many environmentally-friendly products.

Flame retardants and Noncombustible agents

For Automotive Interior Materials

CLOSSREN is backing agent applied to the lining of automotive interior materials, offering advanced flame retardant (MVSS code) properties. We have a replete lineup for various uses for car seat textiles, moquettes, car mats and option mats. Our lineup includes vinylidene type and phosphorus type CLOSSREN depending on the type of flame retardant, and environmentally-friendly non-halogen and non-formalin types.

For air conditioner filters

By impregnation processing such as polyester fibers, our CLOSSREN lineup includes self-extinguishing properties as well as an activated charcoal deodorizing variety. Depending on the resin type, we also have vinylidene chloride and acrylic resin types combined with a phosphorus flame retardant, and an environmentally-friendly non-halogen variety.

For paper processing

For moisture-resistant paper processing

Through the coating process, we achieve moisture-proof paper with advanced degradability using the same moisture proofing level as PE laminate moisture-resistant paper resulting in advanced recyclability and blocking resistance characteristics, as well as good glue adhesion and slipperiness.

Interior processing agents

For carpet processing

A backing agent with SBR latex as a main ingredient. Underside coating prevents pile lifting, and can provide advanced adhesive performance with underside material.(jute, non-woven fabric)

For rental mats

A backing agent with NBR latex as a main ingredient. Underside coating prevents pile lifting, and can provide advanced feature in wash durability.

Interior construction adhesives

Peel up bond for tile carpets

Following foundation painting, there is enough tack to lay down tile carpeting smoothly yet its simple enough to remove for readjustment. Moreover, there is no need when relaying the tile to reapply adhesive. Because of its advanced peel up properties, you can relay tile without damaging the foundation. Open time is short so work can be done speedily. This product is a F☆☆☆☆ that does not fall under formaldehyde regulations of the Latest Building Standards Act, and does not use toluene or xylene.

Environmentally-friendly interior construction adhesives

A next-generation eco-bond that excludes all substances listed by the PRTR Law and Industrial Safety and Health Act as well as, of course, the 14 substances designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as volatile organic solvents (VOC). This is an adhesive suited for countermeasures for sick house and sick schools syndrome. Advanced initial adhesive properties make for good material integration.

Interior construction adhesive

We have a replete lineup of interior building adhesive agents for every variety of interior construction work such as polyvinyl chloride tile, long sheets, carpets, cushioned floors and molding. All products are of F☆☆☆☆ designation that do not fall under formaldehyde regulations of the Latest Building Standards Act, and do not use toluene or xylene. The lineup includes epoxy resins and urethane resins for water-resistant construction, and vinyl acetate resin based adhesive, acrylic resin emulsions and rubber latex for non-water resistant construction.

Textile industry Materials

For civil works nets

Coverings with high water resistance and alkali resistance with main constituents being self-cross-linking acrylic and styrene emulsion. With advanced adhesion to textile fabric, our impregnating material is capable of improving alkali resistance while maximizing tension strength.

For deodorizing air-conditioning filters

Specialized binders with activated charcoal compound. Impregnation processing of materials like polyester fibers as they are serves to achieve deodorizing air-conditioning filters using activated charcoal absorption. Existing processing equipment can be utilized if it has impregnation processing capability.

For cement mixing

For mortar mixing

A mixing agent when simply added to mortar produces advanced workability, high strength, high adhesion, durability, weather and water-resistance as well as alkali resistance.
F☆☆☆☆ authorized by manufacturer’s associations can be displayed for all products. Our lineup includes SBR, acrylic and EVA depending on use.