Water based resin

Ultrasol is a polymer emulsion wherein styrene, acrylonitrile, and other such elements are copolymerized primarily with acrylic acid ester and methacrylic acid ester.
It is used in various fields, such as textiles, paper, paints, building materials, and electronic materials.
Given our accumulation of proprietary polymerization techniques (such as modifications using special monomers, structure control, and low-odor techniques), we have a lineup of products which can be deployed in a wide range of applications and fields.
We also accept made-to-order requests in accordance with your requirements.

Pressure sensittive adhesive

Removable labels, strong adhesion types, olefin film


Olefin flooring,Polyvinyl chloride flooring, porcelain tile, civil works netting, cooking gloves, wallpaper, non-woven fabric, automotive interior material, Flocking, printer laminate, glass fiber

For civil work

For cement and mortar mixing

Viscosity conditioning agent

Alkali thickener

For ink and painting

Interior paints
building exterior paints・・・

  • Multi-layer elastic coating (sealer, base, top)
  • Single-layer elastic coating (top)
  • Line coating (sealer, base, top)
  • Sprayed tile

For paper processing

Impregnated paper, dust-free paper, solvent barrier property coating agent

For fiber

Non-woven fabric, car seats, acrylic foam, flocking, print cloth

Coating agents

Leather, floor polish, film, paper

Technical Documents

High elasticity acrylic emulsion

This is an all-acrylic emulsion which forms a flexible, impact-resilient coating like urethane or natural rubber. It can serve as an affordable substitute for urethane emulsion.

Room temperature chemical crosslinking acrylic emulsion

This is a one-liquid type acrylic emulsion which demonstrates superior adhesiveness and water resistance even during room temperature drying achieved with the introduction of a low-temperature chemical crosslinking system. It can be used for materials with low deformation temperatures while leveraging the characteristics of low-temperature chemical crosslinking.

Adhesive for PVC and olefin-type materials, coating agent acrylic emulsion

One-liquid, room temperature chemical crosslinking type acrylic emulsion which offers superior adhesion when it comes to difficult-to-adhesion materials such as PVC and olefin. It is used as PP and PET coating agent.

Acrylic emulsion for coating with high level weather resistance, high levels of gloss, and low levels of contamination

We manufacture and sell acrylic emulsion products for various purposes as grades used for paints. We focus on developing products which serve to address requests for high-gloss type, low-contamination type, and high-weather resistance type products.
We also apply these technologies to various coating agents, such as floor polish, and we manufacture and sell each of the characteristic products.

Multi-layer structuring

It is possible to make up for shortcomings in terms of emulsion stemming from single resin layers by polymerization methods such as the core-shell method and the power feed method. It is also possible to conduct acrylic emulsion synthetization, which adds new characteristics to the mix.


Thanks to our unique deodorizing technology, it is possible to curb the concentration levels of acrylic monomers which are left over during acrylic emulsion. This technology has also made it possible to manufacture products which take the environment into consideration.


While water-based emulsion has been used in various fields as an environmentally-friendly material, we are putting our focus into the development and sale of products which comply with the recently-emerging environmental restrictions.
Development of technologies ensuring low odor levels means that the development of more environmentally-friendly products is also possible.

  • VOC reduction emulsion
  • Transition to non-formaldehyde solution