Specially & Perfomance Materials

UV-curable resins

AICAAITRON are UV (Ultraviolet) curable coatings with various functionalities, consisting mainly of acrylic monomers and oligomers. They are widely used for hard coats of touch panels, cellular phones, and digital cameras.

UV curable coatings for optical film

  • We provide high transparency, high hardness coated film optimized for use in touch panel displays.
  •  The applications are not only ITO film but also anti-scattering film and primer coats for printing and vapor deposition.
  • Our main product categories are as follows.
  1. Anti-blocking (Protective film free)
  2. Anti-fingerprint
  3. Primer
  4. Anti-glare
  5. High refractive index/low refractive index
  6. High flexibility, etc.

UV curable coatings for molding film

  • Our coatings offer high-formable hard coats suitable for insert molding and in-mold decorating.
  • The following product categories are available.
  1. Precure
  2. After curing
  3. Self-healing etc.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive

UV curable optically clear resin (OCR)

  • Our OCR are used for bonding cover panels and various types of modules such as LCDs, touch panels and OLED.
  • By curbing refractive index gaps with the air layer, you can improve the clearness of the image.
  • With this product, you can customize by combining characteristics shown below.
  1. High transparency
  2. Rapid curing rate
  3. Low volume shrinkage
  4. Low elastic modulus
  5. Low dielectric constant
  6. Depth curability
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive

Moisture-resistant coating agent

  • This can be used for applications such as the protection of LCD electrodes and the portions where FPD and FPC connect.
  • Curbs electrode corrosion and contributes to the long-term reliability of electronic devices.
  • A design that is VOC-free and is solventless.
  • Also leads to the shortening of cycle time since it's a UV-curing type.

UV resin for optical communication

  • Can be used for the fixation and protection of optical communication components.
  • A design that is VOC-free and is solventless.
  • Also leads to the shortening of cycle time since it's a UV-curing type.
  • Various types of grades are available (such as low-viscosity, low-shrinkage, and flexible grades), so selection can be made in accordance with the application.

Solvent-based acrylic adhesive

  • Principal ingredient is acrylic copolymer which uses ethyl acetate as solvent.
  • The product is used in a broad range of applications, including adhesives for optical use which are used in touch panels, adhesive tape used for processes in semiconductor manufacturing, and protective films for surfaces.
  • We have lineups featuring items like the following. We can provide customization in accordance with what your requirements are.
  1. High transparency
  2. Strong adhesion and high elasticity
  3. Slight adhesiveness and high heat resistance
  4. High step absorption
  5. Stable elasticity with low dependence on temperatures
  6. Easy peeling (UV), strong adhesion (UV), and more

UV potting material

  • This is a UV-curing-type potting material for insulation and water-proofing of electronic components (electrodes, electric cables, and so on).
  • Since it is a UV-curing type product, it offers superior handling and can help shorten cycle times compared with the conventional types, such as heat types, 2-liquid types, and moisture-curing types.
  • We mainly have the following types of product categories available.
  1. Container potting type (flexible products)
  2. Container potting type (highly hardness products)
  3. Flat base material sealing type

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