Chemical Products Business

Since having developed the very first urea resin adhesive in Japan in 1936, we have been developing products that lead its generation with our chemical synthetic technology. Since 2000, we have been focusing on expanding functional material products as our new business field and being versatile.

Business Domains

  • Wood processing

  • Architectural

  • Civil works

  • Automobiles

  • Electronic materials

  • Industrial products

  • Household goods

Main Products

  • Industrial and Architectural adhesives

    Adhesives used in the manufacture of wooden furniture products and building materials and on construction sites. AICA’s easy-to-use adhesives support construction workers. AICA also develops a range of adhesives compatible with construction materials.

  • Industrial resins

    Adhesive technologies are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including insulating materials, grinding compounds and molds. AICA continues to meet customers’ needs with the resin technologies that it has cultivated over the years.

  • Composite board resins

    Resins used to form boards made by binding together wooden materials that have been turned into chips or fibers. AICA’s core technology promotes effective use of forest resources, contributing to sustainable economic activities over many years.

  • Wall coating materials (JOLYPATE)

    Acrylic-based architectural coating used on interior and exterior walls in housing, shops, public facilities, etc. A wide range of colors and designs are available.

  • Floor coating materials (JOLYACE, AICA PUR)

    Floor coating materials are applied to the concrete substrate to protect the floor and add required functions. They are used on areas that require high durability and heat resistance, such as factories and warehouses.

  • Repair/reinforcing materials, corrosion preventive materials (Dynamic Resin)

    Resin products that prevent chunks of concrete from falling off roads and bridges, and exterior tiles from falling off buildings.

  • Hot melts

    Solvent-free hot-melt adhesives are turn into liquid when heated and solidify when cooled. Adhesives and sealants used in automotive headlamps and photovoltaic panels due to their superior waterproof properties.

  • UV-curable resins

    UV-curable resins are harden under ultraviolet light. Instant-curing resins used in electronic products such as smartphones and PCs, building materials, etc.

  • Functional spherical polymer beads (GANZPEARL)

    Highly refined bead-shaped resin products used as ingredients in cosmetic products, light diffusers, and modifying agents.