Corporate Principle & Philosophy

  • 社是・経営理念の図

Corporate Principle


Challenge and Creation

Corporate Philosophy

The AICA Group creates new value and contributes to society through continuous innovation in the spirit of our philosophy of kyosei *.

  • Japanese word kyosei stands for active engagement with the AICA Group's stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, local communities and local governments, etc.) and the global environment. Kyosei represents our approach to minimize the adverse effects of the AICA Group's business activities and products, and to contribute to society through the value we create and build better relationships with surroundings, with aiming for a sustainable existence together with the stakeholders mentioned above.

Corporate Policy

1. Chemistry and Design

We create uniquely original products through the power of chemistry and design, to contribute to the achievement of a prosperous society.

2. Group Synergies

We create group synergy through collaboration in technologies and market network.

3. Leading Products

Throughout the specific domains and regions of our business, we enhance and expand our market-leading products.

4. Global Presence

We strive to achieve sustainable growth in global markets by enhancing the capabilities of our overseas operations and participating in the higher growth sectors.

5. Human Resources and Organizations

Viewing human resources as the most vital resource of our company, we nurture motivated human resources and organizations through mutual understanding and development.

6. Compliance Management

We practice fair and transparent management in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations, and social order.

7. Commitment to Safety and Security

We ensure trusted quality and engage in environmentally considerate business activities by focusing on our communication with stakeholders.

Sustainability Policy

  1. We address social issues through our business activities to contribute to the creation of a better society.
  2. We have established “Compliance with laws and regulations,” “Respect for human rights,” “Harmony with society,” “Fair business practice,” “Customer’s security and trust,” “Proper information disclosure,” “Protection of company information and property,” and “Environment and safety” as the basic principles of the Code of Conduct, and we base our actions on these principles as shared values for all employees.
  3. We emphasize dialog with stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, local communities, and local governments, and respond promptly to social needs and changes.
  4. We identify material issues from the perspectives of both corporate management and stakeholders, address those issues alongside our business activities, and disclose our progress in addressing them.

Code of Conduct