Laminates & Building Materials Business

Our laminates & building materials business handles a broad spectrum of construction materials, ranging from high pressure laminates, which have the top share in the Japanese market, to noncombustible/fire retardant panels, decorative films, doors and counters.

Business Domains

  • Commercial facilities

  • Offices

  • Educational and cultural facilities

  • Transport facilities

  • Health care and welfare facilities

  • Accommodation facilities

  • Warehouses and factories

  • Housing

Main Products

  • High pressure laminates (HPL)

    With an abundant range of colors and patterns and superior durability, these products are used as surface materials for tables and furniture used in shops, hospitals, offices, etc. AICA holds more than 70% share of the Japanese market for these products.

  • Fire retardant decorative panels (CERARL)

    HPLs for wall surfaces that are certified as noncombustible. These products became a big hit for residential kitchen panels in the late 1990s and have been popular ever since. They are widely used in hospitals, schools, transport facilities and the like, due to their robustness, design and ease of construction.

  • Boards, films, etc. (AICA POLY, Altyno)

    Decorative boards, which are plywood with a decorative surface created with polyester resin, etc., are used predominantly for furniture and wall surfaces. Architectural films are used mainly on wall surfaces and for fittings.

  • Noncombustible/Fire retardant decorative panels (ARDICA, LUNALITE, MACE, MOISS)

    Noncombustible/Fire retardant panels for walls. They include wall finishing materials made by decorating calcium silicate boards with resin or sheets, extruded cement panels for exterior walls, and interior wall materials with humidity regulation and deodorant properties.

  • Counter tops (Postform, Artificial marble, Engineered stone)

    From counters made with HPL to acrylic resin artificial marbles and engineered stone made with natural crystals, we have an extensive line-up of the major counter materials sought in architectural settings.

  • Fittings, Interior Housing Materials

    Finished products such as doors, sliding doors, storage, and toilet booths made with our self-manufactured materials, such as HPL and decorative boards. Our strengths lie in the abundant range of colors and patterns that only a materials manufacturer can offer, as well as our processing technology and universal designs.