Message from the President

We aim to remain a company trusted by society, committed to responding and contributing to social needs.

With the resin synthesis technologies it has developed since its founding in 1936 at the core, the Aica Group has continued to grow steadily by providing products that meeting the demands of society through a synergy between “chemistry” and “design”.

Aica Group now offers a broad spectrum of products in two major segments. In the chemical products segment, including adhesives, Aica Group will aim to be the “Asia’s No.1 manufacturer” in the construction sectors to support people’s lives and social infrastructure. We are also aggressively expanding our business in the non-construction sector, including automotive components, electronic materials, and daily commodities with a focus on the specialty & performance materials business. In the laminates & building materials segment, centering on high pressure laminate (HPL), Aica Group propose innovative solutions for all types of buildings and will continue to grow as the “solution provider for space design” that can offer comfort and safety in residential & non-residential living spaces.

We will keep innovating our business activity, and pursue further growth in globally to provide new value based on a spirit of “Challenge and Creation,” our corporate principle.

In order to provide new value, we will continue to expand our production and sales bases in Japan and overseas through aggressive capital investment and M&As, while creating synergies with companies that have newly become part of Aica Group.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives as well as the values and systems of the world are changing more dramatically than ever before. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to respond to climate change and global environmental conservation, and to enable everyone to live healthy lives, both physically and mentally. In this era of which the true value of sustainable management is being tested more severely than ever before, Aica Group creates new value through continuous innovation and contributes to society based on a philosophy of kyosei* , in order to continue to be a corporate entity that is needed by
society and maintains sustainable development.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director & President
Kenji Ebihara

  • Click here for the meaning of kyosei