10 Years Vision & Medium-Term Business Plan

Aica’s 10 years vision (FY2016‐FY2026)

Financial targets in 10 years

 2017/4 2027/3
Consolidated Sales JPY 151.6 Billion JPY 300 Billion
Ordinary Profit JPY 18.3 Billion JPY 30 Billion
ROE 9.9% 10%
Overseas sales Ratio 30.8% 45%

The future vision at FY2026

  • Picture of The future vision at 2027/3

Group Collaboration & Operation Base Enhancement

  • ●生産・物流体制最適化 ●技術・素材連携 ●研究開発投資 ●コンプライアンス ●QEOマネジメント ●健全な財務基盤 ●ITインフラ整備

Human resource development

  • ●グローバル人材 ●ダイバーシティ ●プロフェッショナル人材

Responsibility to stakeholders

  • ●企業価値の増大 ●コーポレートガバナンスの強化 ●地域社会との共生 ●CS・ESの向上

The MTBP "Value Creation 3000 & 300"(FY2023 - FY2026)

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The MTBP “Value Creation 3000 & 300” is the 3rd phase in AICA's 10 years vision.

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Fundamental Policies

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Managerial KPI

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Financial Target by Segment

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Priority Strategic Policy of the MTBP

(1) Profitability Improvement

AICA will focus on improving profitability in the domestic Chemical Products business and overseas business for both Laminates & Building Materials and Chemical Products. For Laminates & Building Materials business in Japan, we expand the scale while maintaining our current position.

  • Picture of  Profitability Improvement

  • Picture of  Profitability Improvement

(2) Creation and Expansion of Growth Businesses

By focusing on solving social issues and entering/cultivating untapped markets, we will create growth businesses in a well-balanced manner both in Japan and overseas for both Chemical Products and Laminates & Building Materials to build a foundation for sustainable growth.

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(3) Creation of a Sound Business Infrastructure

Addressing the seven material issues passed on from the previous Medium-Term Business Plan, we will focus on addressing “climate change” and “building a foundation for human capital management”.

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Climate Change Response Policy

(1) Responding to Climate Change Through Our Products

Based on AICA's resin synthesis technology and material utilization technology, we will develop and expand sales of products that respond to the climate change issues.
This will allow us to transform into a corporate group that achieves sustainable growth even in a rapidly changing world.

(2) GHG Emission Reduction Targets

Reduce GHG* emissions by 14% in FY2026 and by 30% in FY2030 (Scope 1 & 2, compared to FY2022) with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in FY2050.

Human Capital Investment Policy

With the aim of maximizing the value of human capital, AICA will proceed human resource development and environmental improvement in line with business issues to achieve sustainable growth.

Capital Policy

Dividend Policy

In order to return profits to shareholders and to realize sustainable corporate growth, our fundamental policy is to pay dividends after comprehensively considering the consolidated results for each term, the dividend payout ratio, and internal reserves. Under "Value Creation 3000 & 300“, our new Medium-term Business Plan, we continue our basic policy of a progressive dividend, avoiding a dividend reduction, and we will also consider flexible share buybacks.