10 Years Vision & Med-term Business Plan

Aica’s 10 years vision (FY2016‐FY2026)

Financial targets in 10 years

 2017/4 2027/3
Consolidated Sales JPY 151.6 Billion JPY 300 Billion
Ordinary Profit JPY 18.3 Billion JPY 30 Billion
ROE 9.9% 10%
Overseas sales Ratio 30.8% 45%

The future vision at FY2026

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Group Collaboration & Operation Base Enhancement

  • ●生産・物流体制最適化 ●技術・素材連携 ●研究開発投資 ●コンプライアンス ●QEOマネジメント ●健全な財務基盤 ●ITインフラ整備

Human resource development

  • ●グローバル人材 ●ダイバーシティ ●プロフェッショナル人材

Responsibility to stakeholders

  • ●企業価値の増大 ●コーポレートガバナンスの強化 ●地域社会との共生 ●CS・ESの向上

The first medium-term business plan
Change & Grow 2400(FY Mar./2022 - Mar./2024)

  • Change & Grow 2400

  • Picture of  The first medium-term business plan(FY Mar./2022 - Mar./2024)

Financial Targets

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Plan Outline

Toward the AICA that is resilient against change with three outlines.

[1] Creation and Expansion of Growth businesses

Expansion of AS product sales

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Growth in non-construction sector businesses and overseas businesses

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[2] Strengthening of Profit Foundations

  • Optimization of sales & logistics networks
  • Strengthening of sales infrastructure, Establishment of brands
  • Automation, Cost reduction, Enhance production efficiency, Optimization of production foundations
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[3] Strengthening of business infrastructure to support [1] and [2]

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Investment Plan

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Dividend Policy

In order to return profits to shareholders and achieve sustainable growth of the company, we will pay dividends after comprehensively considering the consolidated performance, dividend payout ratio and retained earnings for each term. Under the Medium-Term Management Plan "Change & Grow 2400" (fiscal 2021-2023), we will provide stable shareholder returns with a target consolidated dividend payout ratio of 50%. We will use retained earnings for capital investment to expand our existing core businesses and for M&A and other investments to enhance corporate value over the long term.

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