Message from the President

I would like to thank our shareholders for their ongoing support of our company.

My name is Kenji Ebihara, it is an honor of being appointed as Representative Director & President of Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2022. Although the business circumstances are changing at a dizzying pace, including natural disasters, the pandemic, and heightening geopolitical risks, I am committed to achieve further growth and development of the AICA Group. I will put forth every effort to meet your expectations, and respectfully ask for your guidance and support.

AICA Group is currently engaged in our three-year medium-term business plan, “Change & Grow 2400,” which will run until FY2023 (the year ending March 2024). Under this plan, we will leverage the power of “chemistry” and “design”, which are the strengths of AICA Group, to create original products that will help to enrich society in our aim to achieve sustainable growth. Further, we are also focusing to reinforcing our profit foundation, so that we may be a sustainable corporate group even in a society experiencing a sudden acceleration in the pace of change in the business circumstances. The attention for the sustainable society is focused more than ever, corporate social responsibility is also being emphasized. In such an operational environment, we have identified materialities (key issues) that integrate financial and non-financial aspects, definitively executing KPIs targeting those materialities, and strengthening our management foundations. AICA Group will keep steadily implementing the basic policies of this plan, establish a corporate structure that is resilient against change, and strive for the further enhancement of corporate value.

As we have declared in our sustainability policy, we will emphasize dialogue with stakeholders and respond swiftly to the requirements of society and to change. Any opinions, requests, or other feedback received from our shareholders and investors are shared among the executive team and the Board of Directors and utilized in the company’s management and business operations. I hope that we can continue to engage together in the medium- to long-term enhancement of Aica Kogyo’s corporate value through constructive dialogue.

I look forward to the ongoing, further support and guidance of our shareholders.

April 2022
Kenji Ebihara, Representative Director & President